Student Profile
Mekhi, Grade 9
DePaul College Prep

Mekhi was well prepared for school this past fall because he attended Horizons for Youth’s Summer Academic Program. Each week Mekhi took part in electives such as cooking and dance. He and his peers also enjoyed a field trip each week.

Mekhi is enjoying his last year at Polaris. He has excelled academically and worked very hard to finish this school year strongly as he prepared for high school. In the fall, Mekhi will be attending DePaul College Prep. Mekhi is very excited to start high school, as DePaul College Prep was his first choice for high school. Horizons for Youth helped Mekhi with the application process, providing tutoring and mock interviews, as well as guidance for his options. Mekhi loves football and was thrilled when his favorite team, the New England Patriots, won the Super Bowl this year. Mekhi hopes to be eligible to play football at his new school next year.

In today’s climate, it’s not enough to simply gain acceptance to college; high school students need the academic foundation and skills necessary to succeed beyond college.

We provide our high school students with a comprehensive college readiness program to ensure they are able to meet future challenges head-on.

At Horizons for Youth, we position our students for success before they even set foot on campus by addressing many of the challenges students encounter while preparing for college. Common pre-college setbacks cited in research include choosing the wrong school for the student’s academic and personal needs and a lack of proper financial support, ultimately resulting in high debt and high drop-out levels.

Fortunately, Horizons for Youth’s multi-faceted High School Program offers extensive support in these areas. We guide our high school students through the daunting process of identifying the right school and securing enough funding to make it manageable for the student to attend. We drive the entire college application process, including:

  • Tailored subject matter tutoring in preparation for ACT
  • Teaching students how to research school options
  • Guidance through the application essay writing process, from ideation to publication
  • Helping students identify and apply for financial aid resources
  • Overseeing financial aid, grant, and scholarship application processes and deadlines
  • Taking students on 7-10 campus visits to help them discern their best-fit school

To make quality schools accessible for our students, we have helped our students secure 80% of all college costs through outside funding sources (not including loans).

Over the first 28 years of our existence, 80% of all students who have come through our programming have enrolled in college. More impressively, since the inception of our High School Program seven years ago, 97% of our high school graduates have enrolled in college and 84% are persisting towards a degree.