Thank you for your interest in Horizons for Youth. Below are our current job openings.


Horizons for Youth is Chicago’s only organization providing need-based scholarships, comprehensive support programs and educational resources for students of all academic ability levels from kindergarten through the start of their career. Through our holistic approach, 99 percent of our participants have graduated from high school and 84 percent have graduated from college or are currently pursuing their degree. These results prove that with the right combination of competencies, family investment, and community support every child, regardless of socio-economic status, can reach their full potential. We currently serve 265 students in grades K-college from both private and public schools.

Position Overview:

The Program Manager is integral to the success of the Horizons for Youth mission. Horizons for Youth depends on Program Managers to create a strong community and provide high-touch support for families.

The Program Manager will manage a group of approximately 40-50 students and will be responsible for all aspects of the organization’s relationship with the students, their parents, schools, teachers, tutors and mentors. Management of this group of students will include supervision of monthly field trips for students and mentors and support of our Summer Academic Program. The Program Manager will work with the program team to collaborate and insure high quality programming is being delivered for all students.

The Program Manager position is full-time with a flexible work schedule of 40 hours per week. Some evening and weekend hours are required. The position includes paid vacation and health, dental, and life insurance benefits, with 100% of employee premiums paid by Horizons for Youth.

Key areas:

  • Foster strong, trusting relationships with parents or guardians and work alongside families regarding successes and challenges at home or in school.
  • Facilitate and leverage partnerships to support the academic and social growth of students in their group.
  • Maintain strong relationships with school staff, mentors, tutors and counselors to ensure that student needs are being met.
  • Work with other Horizons staff members to provide students with tutoring or counseling, as needed, and monitor progress after putting those services in place.
  • Provide support to diverse learners throughout the evaluation process and the process of securing a specialized learning plan.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree required; area of study in psychology, education or social work preferred.
  • Three to five years of work experience in teaching, counseling, or social work.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong time management and conflict resolution skills required.
  • Understanding of and commitment to the empowerment of families from low-income areas and experience working with diverse communities is critical.
  • Considerable organizational skills, time management and interpersonal skills, sensitivity and personal initiative required.
  • Proficiency in Spanish preferred.

Responsibilities include:

A.  Academic and Social Support

  1. Maintain ongoing communication with assigned schools by attending school events, and keeping in contact about students’ academics and discipline.
  2. Coordinate tutoring with the Volunteer Manager for students who are struggling academically.
    • Identify students who would benefit from academic tutoring and/or counseling.
    • Assist the Volunteer Manager in scheduling tutoring and/or counseling with the parent.
    • Attend academic staffing for special needs students.
    • Communicate with teachers of students in tutoring.
  3. Meet with the partnership school principals annually to conduct evaluations and to update any changes in curriculum, staffing, available programs, etc.
  4. Track the academic progress of all students and provide positive reinforcement, encouraging all students to meet their full academic potential. Respond to students in need by assisting the parent in getting the student tutoring and/or evaluations.
  5. Request copies of quarterly report cards for each student within one week after parent-teacher conference dates. Request copies of standardized test scores for each student.
  6. Assist with the planning and daily on-site management of the Horizons for Youth Summer Program (takes place for four weeks each summer).
  7. Track student academic progress, family needs, and demographic information in our customized Salesforce database.

B.  Child Enrichment

  1. Assist in planning for and attending Saturday monthly enrichment outings.
    • Manage all outing participants and monitor Big Sibling relationships.
  2. Send outing invitations to families and collect outing attendance.

C.  Big Siblings

  1. Contribute to the Big Sibling matching process in partnership with the Volunteer Manager to ensure that all students are matched in a timely manner and the parents are involved in the decision-making process. 
  2. Supervise all assigned Big Siblings. Conduct regular follow-up with new Big Siblings via phone or in person at least four times a year. 
  3. Conduct Big Sibling contract renewals and self-evaluations in August and/or when timing is applicable.
  4. Initiate regular contact with Big Siblings to insure quality of matches.  Address any issues that arise through additional training, contact with parents, etc.

D.  Family Relations

  1. Program Managers must have the ability to develop a rapport and trust with Horizons for Youth families.
  2. Assist our parents in addressing issues in their home life by providing customized support and referrals.
  3. Communicate with each parent at least once a month via phone, email, or in person.
  4. Pass on opportunities and donations to our families, as they are made available.
  5. Manage the contract fulfillment process, including: revising the parent contract each year and sending violation letters within one week of incidents. Violations are based on absence or tardiness from outings, tardiness at school, behavior problems, lack of communication, failure to attend mandatory meetings and late school payments.
  6. Hold annual contract renewals with our parents soliciting their feedback in every aspect of Horizons for Youth and signing contracts for the upcoming school year.
  7. Assist in the recruitment, intake, and interviews of new families during the Family Selection Process.

E. Development and Special Events

  1. Support the development team in collecting student profile information and interesting student updates to share with donors.
  2. Attend and provide support for two gala events.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Meghan Colgan, Vice President of Programs at: