Student Profile
Chloe, 3rd Grade
St. Thomas the Apostle

Chloe excelled as a third grader at St. Thomas the Apostle this year. She loves her school and works really hard to make good grades in all of her classes. In fact, when we asked what her favorite class was Chloe was unable to pick just one.

Chloe and her Big Sibling Mentor, Alexa, truly enjoy hanging out together and trying new things. They do all sorts of activities together, such as making cookies from scratch. 

At the annual Horizons for Youth ice skating outing, Chloe and Alexa took to the ice at the MB Ice Arena. Chloe was initially afraid to get on the ice. However, Alexa, who was raised near an ice skating rink, motivated Chloe to give it a try. Before long Chloe overcame her fear and was racing Alexa out on the ice. 

When not at school or Horizons for Youth, Chloe loves being a part of the gymnastics and swimming teams. 

When Chloe grows up, she hopes to become a lawyer.

Access to a high-performing school can break down barriers to success and change the life trajectory of students from under-resourced neighborhoods.

With a goal of finding schools that best fit for our students’ individual needs, we seek out high-performing school partners throughout the city who provide our students with a quality education. Charter and selective-enrollment public schools provide strong options for approximately 50% of our students.

For those students not zoned for a high-performing public school or not accepted into a top-tier charter or selective-enrollment school, Horizons for Youth provides 90% tuition scholarships to a private school, which enables these students to receive a quality education. Families commit to contributing the remaining 10% of tuition.

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