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Throughout our 27-year history, Horizons for Youth has taken intentional steps to listen and respond to the needs of children from Chicago’s low-resource neighborhoods, with one guiding principle: we will do whatever it takes to ensure students of all academic ability levels experience academic success.

During our 25th anniversary year (2015-2016), we distilled four key opportunities to further refine our approach and more deeply impact Chicago youth:

  • We learned that our students’ needs do not stop once they graduate high school and that specific interventions at key points during college can prevent students from dropping out.
  • We learned that our parents, teachers, and tutors crave information regarding how to most effectively teach our students with diverse learning needs.
  • We learned that we are most effective when partnering with families and local communities to meet students’ needs with a comprehensive approach.
  • We learned that our supporters and our students over the first 25 years think that this organization’s impact is so important that it needs to be around for the next 25.

We listened, and we responded in a big way. In December 2015, Horizons for Youth took the next step to secure student success for years to come by kicking off a comprehensive $5 Million 25th Anniversary Campaign – The Next 25.

The goal is within reach. With the support of many donors, we have secured over $3 million in pledges – over halfway there! The campaign is ongoing, and every dollar goes towards our goal of securing the success of current and future generations of Chicago youth.

By responding to our students’ needs and supporting this crucial initiative, you will make it possible to offer even more students the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives by enabling us to:

Sustain our College Success Program
In 2015, we formally extended our program to support students throughout college, helping students navigate well-documented road-blocks to graduating in four years, such as:

  • Course selection
  • Major mapping
  • Financial aid renewals
  • Budgeting
  • Food security
  • Managing challenges and crises

The number of Horizons for Youth college students will continue to grow each coming year. We are committed to guiding all of our college students through graduation and into fulfilling careers.

Sustain our Diverse Learners Initiative
In 2015, we formalized a sophisticated support program to ensure our students with diverse learning needs receive all the academic support they need to ultimately persist to and through college. Today, that accounts for almost one-third of our total student population. We are committed to ensuring our diverse learners receive the interventions, tools, and strategies they need to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Serve More Children
We are on track to serve 400 students by the 2020-2021 schoolyear by deepening our presence in traditionally underserved areas of Chicago’s south and west sides. By bringing our 84% college persistence rate to more children, Horizons for Youth can have an impact far out of proportion to our size. We are committed to growing smartly, maintaining the program quality that allows our students to thrive.

Build our Endowment
Our newly-established endowment will help sustain our program for the long-term, enabling student success for years to come.

When considering the impact of these initiatives, we think of Alistair. Alistair entered our program as a kindergartener in the 2016-2017 school year, and the stakes are no more evident than in his eyes. With the success of this campaign, we will be able to look Alistair in the eye and assure him that we’ll be there for him every step of the way, including the steps he will someday take across the stage to receive his college diploma. No matter the challenges he faces, we will be there for him. For a population that deals in broken promises, that brings incredible peace of mind. Alistair deserves it.

We invite you to join us in our commitment to securing the success of Alistair and the next 25 years of Horizons for Youth students through this campaign.

This is an exciting time for us, and we are incredibly grateful for your support of current and future generations of students. You can find more information about The Next 25 in our case for support, which you can download here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Audrey George, the CEO of Horizons for Youth, at 312-627-9031 or