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We Stand With Our Community

Dear Horizons for Youth Community,

Recent days have been heavy. We are deeply outraged and saddened by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department, as well as the systemic oppression that plagues the daily lives of Black Americans all over the United States. We know that many, many members of our community are hurting from being faced with yet another reminder of the threat of perpetual violence with which Black Americans live. We are hurting, too.

Over the course of nearly 30 years, we have built the Horizons for Youth community to address the inequities in education experienced across areas of Chicago. We believe that the right to a quality education is the right to pursue one’s dreams—one’s happiness. However, we must accept that the rights to life and liberty are not applied equally. While our focus is breaking barriers to quality education, this work is rooted in the reality that many of our systems must be challenged and changed to be made equitable for marginalized communities.

We encourage our community to come together and throw their support and commitment behind changing this reality. We hope that the immense pain that we are all feeling today will not be forgotten quickly, but, instead, converted into energy for action that will affect long-lasting change.

We stand in solidarity with those fighting injustices all over, we uplift the voices of Black Americans and voices of allies, and we continue our work to help rebuild our city in a vision that supports and protects all of its residents. We will always emphasize diversity, tolerance, and equity in our work, our staff, and our legacy.

In Sincerity and Solidary,
The Horizons for Youth Staff

Audrey George, C.E.O
Jacqueline Barajas
Meghan Colgan
Jose Contreras
Miriam Glenn
Amanda Hasse
Jocelyn Hernandez
Chanita Jones-Howard

Rashaunda Lanier-Jackson
Adriana Martinez
Emma Mitchell
Lupe Ruiz
Vanessa Sanchez
Barry Sullivan
Iavora Vlaytcheva

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