We serve 265 students, kindergarten through college, from:

  • 36 different Chicago neighborhoods

  • 26 different elementary schools

  • 29 different high schools

  • 19 different colleges across the United States

No child is refused admission into our program based on academic ability; in fact, many of our students face significant learning challenges. Most of our students are performing at grade level, but would not normally be expected to graduate college. The Horizons for Youth program helps to ensure students receive a high-quality education and the life skills for success beyond the classroom.

Our current students follow in the footsteps of their Horizons for Youth predecessors, 86 percent of whom have either graduated from college or are still enrolled, persisting toward their degree. We commit to students who are ready to work hard, strive to do their best, and persevere against the challenges they face. We commit to students who commit to their futures.

Learn how to apply to become a Horizons for Youth Scholar.