Students from K-college served during 2018-2019 school year


High school graduation rate


College enrollment rate of our High School Program graduates


College persistence rate of our High School Program graduates


Average portion of students’ total college costs secured through outside resources


Total years we serve our students

Horizons for Youth is a community committed to helping children recognize and achieve their full potential. In partnership with dedicated families, we provide need-based tuition scholarships, one-on-one mentoring, and enrichment outings.

Hfy Graduation 2017-lrHorizons for Youth was founded in 1990 by a group of friends who wanted to give back to the community. They believed that three aspects of their childhood were essential to their success: a quality education from an early age, a strong adult support system, and exposure to the larger community. They formed Horizons for Youth to provide access to those same vital opportunities.

This unwavering commitment to providing educational opportunities continues to this day. To ensure that our students succeed, we provide:

  • Need-based tuition scholarships
  • 1:1 mentoring & tutoring
  • Summer academic program
  • Enrichment outings
  • High school & college preparation
  • College & financial aid application assistance
  • Year-round academic monitoring & support at the elementary, high school, & college levels

Combined, these services enable students to persist to and through college. Horizons for Youth is the only organization in Chicago that provides scholarship, mentoring, and enrichment programs for children from kindergarten through high school, with continued academic and socio-emotional support through college.

We have repeatedly demonstrated that with the proper support, every child — regardless of academic ability level, socio-economic status, or race — can achieve academic success. We commit to students who are ready to work hard, strive to do their best, and persevere against the challenges they face. We commit to students who commit to their futures.