Student Profile
Nina, Horizons for Youth Class of 2017
St. Ignatius College Prep
Princeton University

Nina joined Horizons for Youth as a sixth-grader at Francis Xavier Warde. On June 10th 2017, Nina walked across the stage at our annual End-of-Year Celebration and announced to the Horizons for Youth community that she had enrolled in Princeton University. However, before starting classes, Nina chose to spend a year doing service work in Bolivia through Princeton. Nina is now back stateside, where she is a freshman student at Princeton.

Horizons for Youth helps students not only prepare for college but also stay on track until they earn a college degree.

The key to graduating from college is a reliable, consistent support network. Given the long-term, trusting relationships we have with our students by the time they enter college, Horizons for Youth is uniquely positioned to offer this support network.

To address the needs of our college students, Horizons for Youth assists with:

Course selection and major mapping

Often times students in the proper courses to match their academic ability or placed in classes they do not need. This could result in paying for classes they don’t need or prevent on time graduation. We make sure they are registered for classes that align with their course curriculum.

Financial aid applications and renewals

We ensure that financial aid applications are completed accurately and on time as colleges will not review students’ applications or award letters.

Money management and budgeting

Unexpected fees and materials can create financial burdens for many students. We assist also students in managing their financial aid to ensure they do not receive financial holds on their accounts that prevent them from registering for courses or graduating.

Resources for internship and job searches
As part of our College Program, we are starting early to support the transition from education to career. We work with our high school and college students to identify potential careers, build their resumes, connect with internships, gain real-world experience, prepare for job interviews, and enter the workforce. Through these efforts, we are providing our students with the skills needed to set themselves apart from their peers and go on to promising careers.

Social-emotional support and crisis management

College can be a difficult transition for most students. We help students identify on-campus programs that can be another layer of support in addition to Horizons for Youth.