SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

“Compassion and comradery are two key values of ours as a company. We want to live these values inside and outside our walls. We do not just write a check, but desire deeper connections. This is how we believe lasting impact and empowerment happens.”

Phil Coffey, Managing Director & CEO of OMI Industries

OMI Industries is a privately held corporation founded in 1990 with the sole purpose to be the foremost authority on odor elimination. For the last 25 years, not only has OMI committed itself to be the best in business for odor-elimination, their CEO Phil Coffey has made it his priority to commit OMI Industries to strengthen communities and engaging its employees in philanthropic activities.

Phil Coffey (center), with Horizons for Youth students during the 2019 Summer Academic Program.

Phil Coffey first heard about Horizons for Youth due to his close relationship with the Drumm Sullivan family. In 2010, the Drumm Sullivan family lost their son and brother, Declan, to a tragic accident. They established the Declan Drumm Sullivan Memorial Fund and partnered with Horizons for Youth. The memorial fund, which hosted its first major fundraiser No Ordinary Evening in 2011, inspired close to 700 guests in attendance that night, including Phil Coffey, and subsequently, OMI Industries.

For the last eight years, Phil has had an immense impact on shaping Horizons for Youth. He has provided strategic insight and guidance to the organization, and most especially, to our CEO, Audrey George. His engagement has garnered additional sources of funding to the organization, and his passion for propelling Horizons for Youth forward has also demonstrated itself in Phil’s commitment to the educational success of our students.

From his die-hard dedication to the Summer Academic Program to personal career support for our students, Phil has creatively found ways to align OMI’s mission and values with Horizons for Youth.  

“Our relationship with Horizons for Youth is a living example of OMI’s purpose: ‘Empowering People Through Chemistry’.”

Bob Dunklau, Vice President & COO of OMI Industries

Another major key player in our corporate partnership is Bob Dunklau, Vice President & COO of OMI Industries. In 2014, Bob joined the Board of Directors for Horizons for Youth and has remained committed to its mission since then. Heading the efforts of the Diverse Learners Committee on the board, Bob has garnered support and funding for the Diverse Learners Program – a program at Horizons for Youth that provides specialized testing and support to students who are identified to have diverse learning needs. Bob’s involvement on the board has had a vast impact on such programs within the organization, and his engagement to our community truly shows in his support to major fundraising events and attendance of smaller events like our annual End of Year Graduation.

Bob Dunklau (right) with Sofia during the 2019 Senior Luncheon.

Phil and Bob’s involvement with Horizons for Youth doesn’t end there, as they have also made it a mission to integrate OMI’s philanthropic efforts with its staff.

“Phil and Bob’s passion, time, and resources toward Horizons for Youth means a lot to staff and impacts OMI’s culture.

Audrie Rewerts, Director of Organizational Development & Human Resources

OMI Industries not only sponsors the annual University of Notre Dame Football Game Outing, but their staff coordinates every single detail of the day. What started as Phil and Bob collecting tickets from their friends to bring Horizons for Youth students to Notre Dame, has now grown to an annual tailgating event with approximately 100 people in attendance. Together with OMI staff, Horizons for Youth staff, Notre Dame’s Athletic Department, and close friends of the Drumm Sullivan Family, our students are provided with the opportunity to step onto an iconic college football field and play scrimmage games amongst each other. Not only are our students provided with this unique occasion, but they are also enabled to envision themselves on a college campus.

OMI Industries has also supported Horizons for Youth’s outstanding 84% college retention rate by sponsoring the annual Senior Shopping Day. By leveraging their own relationships with their retailers, OMI Industries provides our students with the opportunity to enter their first year of college with the right tools and equipment for their dorms. As our students get ready to set off to their first year of college, OMI Industries staff are intentionally paired with our high school seniors as they spend the day shopping. From comforters to mini-refrigerators, OMI staff make sure that our students spend every single penny of their $500 shopping spree to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and reinforce their commitment of support to our students.

OMI staff shopping with Horizons for Youth students during the 2019 Senior Shopping Spree.

We are so proud to highlight OMI Industries, their staff, and leaders in our first Corporate Partner Spotlight. Their commitment to our students, our organization, and our communities are a true testament of OMI Industries’ philanthropic efforts.