From L to R: Michael O’Grady, Barry Sullivan, Audrey George, Greg Dingens, Patrick Collins

Horizons for Youth held its first Insights on the Horizon event on October 23, 2018, featuring a conversation with Michael O’Grady, President and CEO, Northern Trust, and Greg Dingens, Executive Vice President, Monroe Financial Partners, Inc.

The theme of Insights on the Horizon was corporate responsibility. Michael O’Grady described Northern Trust’s approach: “Our board and management are essential to ensuring that Northern Trust takes the long-term perspective on corporate philanthropy. We understand that being a good partner is good for business.” 

Audrey George, CEO of Horizons for Youth, offered a charitable organization’s perspective: “We work really hard to be sure we’re responsible and good stewards of our corporate partners’ investments. We believe in full transparency and accountability; you can find all our financials online. The most important way we hold ourselves accountable is our results with our students and we have a 99% high school graduation rate and an 84% college persistence rate. That brings us and our partners great pride.” 

One attendee remarked, “It was great to see examples of companies partnering in unique ways with Horizons for Youth. I heard some ideas I’d like us to consider for how to use our talents to support nonprofits in Chicago.”

We were excited to see a wide range of businesses represented at Insights on the Horizon and look forward to next year’s event! For more information about Insights on the Horizon, contact Iavora Vlaytcheva at