Student Profile
Dejah, High School Senior
Rauner College Prep

Dejah enjoys studying science; her two favorite classes are biology and AP psychology. Dejah enjoys biology because it nurtures her natural intellectual curiosity. She shared, “there’s always something to find out and share with my mom and classmates.” Dejah also enjoys her psychology class for similar reasons, stating, “I try my best to apply what I learned to other classes or my friends’ behavior. It’s great pretending to be a Psychologist!”

However, Dejah admits that while the beginning of the year was fun, now that she has started studying for the SAT and her AP tests, things are getting more stressful.

When she is not studying, Dejah can be found at Horizons for Youth working as one of our interns. When we asked her why she wanted to become an intern at Horizons for Youth, Dejah said “I felt like I could take on more responsibilities. As an intern, I am held accountable for my actions here and at school, and that’s something that I need to feel.”

While Dejah’s schedule is already very busy, she also finds time to mentor younger students at her school. She is a part of uLeaders, a group of upperclassmen who mentor students in their freshman and sophomore years.

Access to a high-performing school can break down barriers to success and change the life trajectory of students from under-resourced neighborhoods.

With a goal of finding schools that best fit for our students’ individual needs, we seek out high-performing school partners throughout the city who provide our students with a quality education. Charter and selective-enrollment public schools provide strong options for approximately 50% of our students.

For those students not zoned for a high-performing public school or not accepted into a top-tier charter or selective-enrollment school, Horizons for Youth provides 90% tuition scholarships to a private school, which enables these students to receive a quality education. Families commit to contributing the remaining 10% of tuition.

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