Student Profile
Priscilla, 3rd Grade
St. Sylvester School

Priscilla thrived academically in her second-grade year, earning all A’s. In order to make sure Priscilla remains challenged, her teacher has begun sending her home with extra work at above the second grade level. Currently, Priscilla’s favorite class is math because she enjoys learning new things, like multiplication.

Priscilla also enjoys expressing her creative side which is why she and her Big Sibling Mentor, Lindsay, recently spent a Saturday taking a craft class at Michael’s. Lindsay’s favorite memory with Priscilla also, unsurprisingly, involves crafts. As Lindsay describes it, “Priscilla came over to my apartment and we made crafts, baked a cake, and made personal pizzas for dinner. Since then, she keeps asking when she can come back over and we can do it again! It was simple, but special!”

Our unique tutoring program goes well beyond simple homework help. Our volunteer tutors are trained to help students with the skills they need to eventually do the work on their own.

No child is turned away from our program based on academic ability, and many of our students join Horizons for Youth below grade level and with significant learning challenges. Tutors work with the student’s teachers, parent/guardians, school administrators, and Horizons for Youth staff to evaluate and address each child’s unique learning needs.

Our one-on-one tutoring services comprise an integral component of our college-readiness programming. To position our students for college, even those students with a C average are required to attend tutoring. Accordingly, nearly half of our students participate in our Tutoring Program, with some coming twice a week. We have tutoring at four locations around the city to make it most accessible for students: West Loop, South Side, Logan Square, and West Side/Oak Park.

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