Young Professionals Board

The mission of our Young Professionals Board is to grow the volunteer base, raise money and awareness, and positively contribute to the development and expansion of Horizons for Youth.


We support the mission through social and volunteer recruitment events, fundraisers, and service projects. The board meets monthly to plan such events that support our students and organization. 

We are actively recruiting dynamic young professionals to help us increase awareness and raise funds for Horizons for Youth. If you are interested in joining the Young Professionals Board, you can complete the form below or contact Amanda Hasse, Staff Representative at .


Join Horizons for Youth’s YPB for a virtual Bachelorette Bracket. Imagine March Madness brackets and choose your contestants every week. This season is set to be a crazy one!

Each week, members will choose a line-up of contests and earn/lose points based on the bracket’s list of rules. Sign-up is $25 and all proceeds go towards Horizons for Youth. The winner earns $250 and a dozen roses!


Meredith Houska, Co-President

Mac Sullivan, Co- President

Andrew King, Treasurer

Isabelle Shanafelt, Secretary

Callie Forkenbrock, Board Member at Large

Brandon Luebbehusen, Recruiting Chair

Amanda Hasse, Horizons for Youth Staff

Dylan Barnett
Emily Bedell
Yasmine Bennett
Alex Brekke
Dara Brody
Connor Brown
Isabela Carrasco
Madison Cerny
Luisa Chil
Nicole Deberry
Kathleen DeStefani
Hank DeTrempe
Jane Dickinson
Luke Dwyer
Jasmine Ferguson
Annie Flynn
Gordon Foley
Elena Granadino
Adam Grazer
Amanda Harbrecht
Colin Houlihan
Matthew Jipson
Bradford Kearbey
Greg Kester
Salvatore LaBarbera
Leo Latz
Kate Levine
Spenser Levine
Trevor Lu
Chris Majsak
Taylor Martell
Chris Mayor
Conor McAreavy
Rachel McDonough
Morgan Mellske
Conner Merritt
Erin Moston
Caitlin O’Connell
Will Olds
Mary O’Malley
Almedina Palic
Jihoo Park
Riddhi Patel
Michael Paterson
Ben Pineless
Tyler Robey
Manny Rocha
Emily Rourke
Deepak Sabada
Christopher Salvi
Claire Salzman
Kristin Scarth
Megan Schoen
Maria Skorcz
Tarah Smith
Emily Stent
Kristin Swenson
Dan Teich
Daniel Todd
Colleen Toner
Kelly Trenary
Michael Ulanday
Jack Walsh
Travis Weaver
Kelsey Whiting
Katie Yandell
Bobby Yarmahmoudi
Lauren Young
Kristy Zatvornitsky