Part of our model includes enabling parents and adults to be the best advocate for their student inside and outside the classroom. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or volunteer, we invite you to check out the resources below!

How to Choose Best-Fit Schools

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Ending the School Year Strong (And Starting Stronger Next Time)

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  • Key questions to ask your child’s teacher (video)
  • End of Year Parent Task List (infographic)
  • End of Year Parent Task List (article)
  • Back to School Tips for Parents (article)
  • Back to School Tips for Parents (infographic)

Supporting a Child with ADHD

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3 Powerful, Free, Non-Chemical Treatments for ADHD Video 

Parenting a Child with ADHD Article 

Accommodations that Support Students with ADHD at School List 

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder TEDx Video 

Natural and Non-Medication Treatments for ADHD Infographic 

Making the Most of Homework Time

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Make Homework A Peaceful Practice Tips Video 

Make Homework Fun Infographic 

Monitor the Quality of Your Child’s Homework Infographic 

What Schools Do With It & How Parents Can Help Article 

Enroll in HFY Tutoring Here 

Understanding & Building Executive Functions

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What is Executive Function? Video 

Executive Function Skills Infographic 

Executive Function Skill Development by Age Matrix 

Building Executive Functioning at Home Article 

10 Games to Improve Executive Function Skills List 

IL Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) for Post-Secondary Success

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How DRS can help with post-secondary success Video 

DRS Fact Sheet for High School Students 

Division of Rehabilitation Services Referral Process Video 

DRS College Funding Checklist 

Complete DRS Referral Form 60 days before Graduation 

Understanding IEPs

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What is an IEP? Key Elements Video

IEP Instructions–Understanding Each Section

A Comprehensive IEP Guide 

Examples of S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

Accommodations & Strategies Resource Bank 

Understanding Standardized Test Scores

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How can I make the most of my child’s standardized test scores? Video

NWEA Map Test & Score Report Explanation Article w/ Infographics

i-Ready Test & Score Report Explanation Article w/ Infographic & Video

FastBridge Test & Score Report Explanation FAQs w/ Infographics

Standardized Test Scoring Language—Great infographic for understanding “percentiles”

Preparing to Receive Support Services After High School

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How to make the most of college tours? Video

Difference Between High School & College Disability Support Services Chart

7 Things to Know about College Disability Support Services Article

Job Accommodations Resource Library

For After High School–A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Communicating Your Child’s Learner Profile

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How to Ensure My Child’s Teachers Understand How to Help Them Best?  Video

Preparing-for and Participating-in Your Child’s IEP Meeting Video

Preparing-for and Participating-in Your Child’s IEP Meeting Outline

Identifying and Supporting Your Child’s Learning Style Checklist

Process of Qualifying for Customized Learning Supports

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What’s an Evaluation? Why Participate? What Does it Entail? Video

Determining if a Child is Eligible for Special Education Services Guide

What is Special Education? Article