Horizons for Youth is a community committed to helping children recognize and achieve their full potential. In partnership with dedicated families, we provide academic support, one-on-one mentoring, and enrichment programs.

Our story

Horizons for Youth was founded in 1991 by a group of friends who wanted to give back to the community.

They believed that three aspects of their childhood were essential to their success: a quality education from an early age, a strong adult support system, and exposure to the larger community.

Determined to focus on children’s needs in spite of the barriers they face, our founders started filling in the gaps to these vital opportunities by forming Horizons for Youth.

We serve over 200 students from


Chicago neighborhoods


Elementary schools


High schools


Colleges across the United States

No child is refused based on academics

No child is refused admission into our program based on academic ability; in fact, 30% of our students work with Horizons for Youth staff to gain access to diversified education plans. Of these identified students, 100% have received an IEP/504 plan at their school.

Our impact on graduation




Of Horizons for Youth students are at or above grade level in AY2022-2023. Through our comprehensive academic programs and support services, we commit ourselves to making sure our students succeed in the classroom.



Of children from the lowest economic quintile will earn a college degree, but at Horizons for Youth, the college acceptance rate is 87%. Working with the same students, from the same neighborhoods, and facing the same socioeconomic challenges- Horizons for Youth students achieve tremendously!

Our scholars have a lot to say

Our support doesn’t stop after high school. With an average of 80% of the cost of college covered, our students persist to and through college.

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“While each of our young people have a story unique to them, collective results show a deep commitment to their education and significant progress towards their goals. With the support that you help provide, learning loss was mitigated and academic interventions were extremely successful. Simply put, while our students weren’t immune to drastic changes in schedules and routine, Horizons was able to preempt drastic implications on achievement.”

Greg Borkowski, Executive Director